Time Needed to Sew

I’ve done less “sewing” and more crochet work over the past few months. Thankfully I have even more orders for crocheted items that will keep me busy for quite a while. I am always grateful for the work and the wonderful opportunity to create for others. I do love crocheting! But ……..spending so much time crocheting I find myself missing the time that would allow me to sit down at my sewing machine to work with fabric. Right now it seems worse because I’ve been viewing pictures of beautiful “gowns” that are being posted on facebook. A few of them I even helped assemble while working for Antonio Corbie. Because of the pictures I’ve seen and not having time to sew recently when I close my eyes my mind creates images of fabric being draped over a dress form with pins being used to tuck folds here and there. Fabric, scissors, pins and chalk being used to design and create. LOL—- It’s an odd but fun thing.


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