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It is with deep sadness that I share the news of Antonio Corbies passing from this world into the next.  Always, with a huge smile, he’d so sweetly introduce me as his sewing teacher but the truth is I learned more from him than I  ever taught.  I will always cherish the time that we had together– cutting, pinning, sewing, ripping out seams and laughing-laughing-laughing.   My life is richer for those precious moments…..I am blessed to have known him.


A fairy tale come to life.

I have been so blessed to be able to work side by side with the internationally known designer,

Antonio Corbie antonio                                                           of Davant Designs.    <~~~~(click to go to facebook page)

Not only have I learned a lot while working on his stunning  creations,

but he and

David Montevecchio, david (the other brilliant designer that makes up the amazing Davant Design team)  

have welcomed me into their world and treated me like family. 

Because of their kindness I have met many wonderful people and  formed new friendships.

  The work has affected me in such a positive way that I decided I would set up this page to

showcase  the gowns I have been able to work on and some of the memories made. 

Because of privacy issues I can only post what has been released to the public so check back often. I will post additional pictures of  new gowns I helped create as they are released.

This beautiful lady is  Dr. Tracy Kemble of WIN Foundation International. smudged tracy

She is wearing a stunning creation of Antonio’s. It is the perfect dress for this beach/island setting.  Gorgeous-both the lady and the dress.



This lovely model is Tracie Stafford, (Mrs U.S. Virgin Island Globe) whose tremendous beauty only enhances these incredible gowns.

tracy peacockpink tracie



Nov 2015 work

This picture is of Carita Davis, Antonio Corbie and Tracey Stafford.  The lovely ladies are both wearing gowns designed by Antonio that I got to work on.  The picture does NOT capture the beauty of the gowns or those wearing them.

This was taken at the opening of Dorin Productions Studios.

3 together

The lovely Ms Desert States Globe 2016, Carita Davis.  Here you can see a little more of the beautiful train that is attached at the shoulders and wrist on this dress.

The sun in shining through the train in the picture above.

What a great smile!

carita back

This picture was also taken at the opening of Dorin Productions Studio here in Las Vegas, Nv.   Those, pictured standing in the back row, are from left to right, Antonio Corbie, Ursula Remien (of Dorin Productions Studio), and David Montevecchio.  Seated in front are  Tracie Stafford, Elizabeth Cron and Carita Davis.  The 3 ladies are all wearing gowns by Antonio Corbie that I was able to work on.

a group

Check back soon………………..

there’s lots more to come but until then be sure to check out Davant Designs on facebook!



UPDATE: November 2015……it’s pure joy being back working with Antonio Corbie this month. He is so easy to work for and with.  He is patient, kind and open yet talented and gifted beyond description. I always learn so much while working for him. I am so grateful for another opportunity to be a tiny, tiny part of what is going on in his studio.

  I also got to spend a couple of days getting to know…

Carita Davis, Ms. Desert States Globe 2016. 


She brought her own sewing machine and helped us sew. 

That’s all the “Memory” news for now.  I will post pictures of the gowns as soon as they are released publicly.



Update:  11/25/15

Here are pictures of just 2 of the gowns I was able to work on earlier this month.  I’ve said it before, but it can not be said enough, that the designer, Antonio Corbie of Davant Designs is a creative genius.   I marvel at the way he “sees” things in his head and then executes that vision using fabric, thread, etc., seemingly so easily.  I learn so much every time I get to work with him and am humbly reminded of  how much I don’t know.

I have read and heard about creative people  that are very difficult to deal with. How they can be  demanding and, many times, unreasonable.  That is not the case with Mr. Corbie.   He is very easy to work for and with. He is kind, understanding and patient even when the dead line for completion moves closer.   This last session was intense and a  whirlwind of wild activity.  He was battling a cold and fever through much of it, yet he worked on, hour after hour into the wee hours of the morning without complaint. 


For now I can post pictures of just 2 of the gowns we worked on. There will be more that I can share as they are made public so be sure to check back often. 


peopleschoice gown 11-2015



Antonio designed the red dress (shown below)   for Shirlene Hagler, (Mrs South Dakota 2015). I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work on the construction of this gown.  I was looking forward to seeing it on Shirlene but sadly all the photos of her wearing the gown were lost. The pictures were taken quickly and aren’t the best but still they are worth posting even though they don’t begin to show the stunning beauty of the gown.

DSCF8072 DSCF8082 DSCF8073 DSCF8075 DSCF8080



April 12, 2016:

Another stunning design by Antonio that I got to work on (worn by the also stunning Tracey Stafford).   

4 2016 gown posted that I worked onblack dresstop black dressmiddle black dressbottom

facebook conversation

facebook conversation about this gown……

whitegownwhitegown1 whitegown2 whitegown3



5/27/16   Antonio Corbie called and offered me the opportunity to work with/for him again.  Here are a few pictures that I’ve taken over the past 2 days.  More to come.

{{When I work for Antonio I really enjoy playing with all the fabric that I’d personally never be able to afford and I always seem to learn something new. It’s more of a challenge right now (an understatement for sure) due to this toothache which is also causing my ear and eye to hurt. I look forward to having the bad teeth OUT.}}

0527161059 0527161059a 0527161102 0527161245 0527161629 0527161629a 0527161630a 0527161630b 0527161631 0527161631a 0527161103 0527161104 0527161136 0527161137 0527161137a 0527161150 0527161210 0527161213 0527161213a 0527161213b 0527161630 - Copy

6/3/16 Still working hard on the gowns —- the pageant is coming up very soon and there’s so much left to do.  

0603161328a 0603161205 0603161206

To read posts about me being “bizzy” working on some of the gowns

click here >>>>>>>>BIZZY sewing.

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Here is the link to the page showing the gowns have recently worked on to be worn at the Mrs. US of A Globe 2016 pageant.

animated-arrow-image-0103PAGEANT PAGEanimated-arrow-image-0104

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  1. I’m very happy to be part of this awesome team, of professionals and friends Antonio, David, Rhonda, Trecie, Carita, Elizabeth, Tracy.
    Congratulations for putting this together Rhonda.
    At Dorin Prroductions Dorin Feliz and I want to offer the studio and runway to invite guests to present a espectacular fashion show to show your beautiful designs.

  2. admin says:

    I worked with and for Antonio Corbie for a short while, off and on during 2015 & 2016 as he needed me. He was a wonderful friend and the time I worked with him was a blessing. I’m not sure I can tell you any more than what is posted here on my website but I emailed you. Feel free to contact me through that email anytime.

    There is a page on Facebook where you can see more of his designs. Even though he has passed the page is still up but I’m not sure if anyone monitors it. https://www.facebook.com/davantdesigns

    While working with him the gown for the govenors wife came up in conversation. He wasn’t able to find the picture of it so I looked it up online.
    If you’re interested here is the link where I found a picture of the gown she (Michele Moore Ridge) wore for her husbands inaugural ball in 1995


    (http://statemuseumpa.org/game-of-gowns/ this link broken use link above-this link kept for historical reference)
    (see update post below)

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