Another day……more lettuce trim

Today after my card class at the Neighborhood Rec. Center I took all the completed  work back to Antonio’s and picked up more……..


0607161711aMost of the work I picked up  needed a lettuce ruffle hem which I tackled right away. The gold fabric up in left hand corner of the above picture is just misc. cut pieces,  parts and panels that I need to sew together so those pieces put together correctly become a gown.  Due to lack of time, for sure, that one will have to wait until tomorrow.  Even then, I won’t be able to work on it until after my other job and after another dentist appointment. (Today was a painful tooth day-but soon it will be all better.  I find it’s harder, much harder to concentrate when the pain is bad but I guess that’s to be expected).


Here are a few pictures of what I did work on last night:


0607161730 0607161739 0607161743a 0607161932 0607161932a………….that’s all for now but there will be more, much more in the future.  I hope to have pictures of the completed gowns (remember the pictures I’ve posted recently are gowns in the making…..they are NOT completed) or, even better, the contestants/models wearing the gowns.


Have a wonderful day.                                   



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