WELCOME to my website and blog

  Hi…….I am so glad you dropped in. If you have a moment, grab a cup of tea or coffee, a comfortable chair and enjoy looking around.

On my blog link you will find updates on :

  •             what I am currently working on, up coming sales, pictures showing  the end result when I try something new and it works out well, tales of my failures when things don’t work out so well and the item ends up in the trash, announcements of give-a-ways and the winners of those give-a-ways. Also there will be posts about my learning to live with a breathing disorder just because it affects so many areas of my life.


At the top of each page in the banner you will find links that will take you the different areas on my site:

  •             what’s currently for sale, a few pictures of things I have made in the past and much more. Please check each one out and let me know what you think, I want to know.

 I’ve also included a link titled “Original Writings”. There you will find links to dreams I have documented, poems I have written and random ramblings written by me. They are not part of my business but they are part of me. If you have nothing to do and are curious, feel free to check them out. Through them you will learn a lot about who I am.

Be sure to check back often and leave comments as I love to hear from you. Fair warning though, I do screen all the comments before they are posted so please no spam or bad language. If that kind of thing is included in your comment it will just be deleted.

Again I’d like to sincerely WELCOME you to my site.  In some small way I hope it will be a blessing to you……Rhonda

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I’ve had people ask if they can donate to help cover cost of running this website or for me to purchase supplies for my “Sew 2 Donate” Fridays.  That is very kind and appreciated. Donations are accepted through paypal.  paypal

8 Responses so far.

  1. Debbie Monje-Ashwood says:

    Rhonda your truly an Artist!! Your work is Beautiful!!

  2. Gina says:

    I love your new blog! You never cease to amaze me sister dear! Love, Love, Love it. I wish some of your talent was passed my way….. Love you!!!!

  3. Leah Kimball says:

    I love your site. Checking it out now 🙂

  4. Charlene Hampton says:

    You are so incredibly talented Mrs. Rhonda! I love and appreciate your creativity and enjoy even more seeing it. You are such a talented and beautiful woman and I love that I get to call you friend <3

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