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110)  rhondaembs 1/3/2020


Sunday morning draws so quickly near
Your blessed word I desire to hear
But where? That is the question now
Guide me Lord again somehow
Push me in the direction right
Give me wisdom and your sight
Take my feet and hold them fast
To the road you’ve before me cast
Where a blessing to others I can be
In the place you’ve prepared for me
With others that will praise your name
And open your bible the preserved King James






109) rhonda embs  1/1/2020


My life


Why should you care that which I do
It’s my life, it’s not about you
But selfish choices once they are made
leave others the cost always to pay
Innocent victims permanently scarred
their plans and lives forever marred
It’s my life you loudly proclaim
and onward you go without thought or shame
Leaving the cry of anothers trembling voice
My life is now changed but it was never my choice…..






108) 6/9/2019 rhonda embs



left in the desert
dirt mixed with blood
silenced by wind
a gunshot unheard


plans  played out
a death visualized
the lone hero falls
no longer to ride









107) 6/6/2019 rhonda embs


demonic beings call out my name
insidious lies they boldly claim
things that were and what will be
while I sleep they show to me


push out the visions of ghastly fright
that entered in as I slept this night
song birds, butterflies & daffodils
with lovely things, my head I'll fill


sing Jesus loves me this I know
take deep breaths, calm and slow
second Timothy one, verse seven
think on God and things in heaven









106) 6/5/2019 rhonda embs


Through out the years
To her he’s appeared
That man no longer here


Then the air heavy carries
The smell of cherries

of a man no longer here


To prove he’s real

His touch she feels
from a man no longer here


And though incomplete

Her heart still beats

For the man no longer here






105)   6/4/2019 rhonda embs


With patience I watched & I listened
for sounds, signs or a vision


Because many long years ago
he promised that he’d let me know


We agreed on a smell, word and symbol
signs that would not be so simple


And he assured me his love was so strong
that without me he’d not move along


And, in truth, he has kept his word
though most would think it absurd


But I know on what we agreed
more than once he’s contacted me



103) 6/4/2019 rhonda embs

It’s no longer new
but it hurts just as bad
It’s no longer fresh
but I’m still so sad


It will get better
that’s what everyone said
And I’ve been waiting
but tears I still shed


A deep sorrow remains
though time has moved on
I grieve and I miss you
because….. you’re still gone!



102) 6/3/2019 rhonda embs


How do I love without him
This man that holds my heart
How could I ever begin again
How could I over start


We had years of shared history
Our youth and a sense of continuity
A life built on vast memories
and countless hours of intimacy


There’s no way to replace that type of love
There’s no reason to try again
Besides he holds my heart above
knowing it only beats for him







101) 6/2/2019 rhonda embs


Two intense love bound hearts
that death cannot keep apart


A gentle hand upon her face
comes reaching out through time and space


She hears the echoes of his needful call
& moves close to him to surrender all


But suddenly a light grows bright
her dream is over, it’s no longer night


Tears flow hard as pain moves in
He’s gone …..gone – she’s alone again









100)  6/2/2019  rhonda embs


Two or three bodies are all that you see
but I know the truth
and I couldn’t agree


There’s many here, roaming around
You hear just silence
I hear their sounds


Sometimes it’s hard – not to react
When the veil grows thin
and the room gets so packed


I try not to notice all that I view
To ignore them all
Knowing you have no clue


One thing I’ve learned well from the past
don’t share what I see
the judgment’s too vast



To respond or react draws attention to me
and you’ll call me  crazy
For the things that I see 


So  when these things get strong and I see

I simply pray through the night 

before God on my knees.

















99)  6/1/2019 rhonda embs


Is your all on the alter laid
do you know the price that’s been paid


Have you rec’d the gift from above
have you been washed in his shed blood


Are you ready for the sweet by and by
for your mansion that waits upon high


Do you know Gods mercy & grace
and long to see him, face to face


If these things are foreign to you 
then here’s what I implore you to do


Call on his name,  in faith do believe
then  his salvation you’ll freely receive




98 6/1/2019 rhonda embs


There are times when the veil grows mighty thin
exposing those that once have been


If contact is not during day time made
then dreams, at night, they will invade


But why ? my question echoes loud
do they remain in the here and the now


And why are some so acutely aware
of those who hover in shadowed air


Why can some see, hear & feel
when to others they remain concealed



I see no purpose, no reason why
that beyond the veil, some can spy


It causes confusion and fills my mind
but to see them oft I am resigned.







97) 5/20/2019 rhonda embs


many years later in life so real
a new response I now reveal
your lies and bribes will no longer achieve
the result you once received from me


so lost in sin I then gave in to you
but now I’m his, washed, brand new
a blood bought child, set free, redeemed
protected by the King of Kings


so if you’re permitted to invade my life
and even if I give into fright
you can only do that which he allows
and soon before him you’ll knell, you’ll bow


yes, battles may rage but the victory is won
and the war drags on but it’s all said and done
so I’ll sleep when I can and dream if I must
knowing God is my keeper, in him I do trust.





96)  rhonda embs  1 /10/2019

I am broken to be sure
and for it I’ve found no cure


Small talk and visits for fun
for me they’re not easily done


I know not how to fully relax
to just sit still and simply chat


So  busy every moment, I stay
leaving no time for fun or for play


Constantly seeking to do enough of something
that will prove I’m more than nothing


While in silence crying,

Lord, how did I end up this way
attempting to justify my life day to day?



 95) rhonda embs  1/6/2019

The silence is broken by words softly spoken
that echo with deafening reckoning
I strain to hear, standing soaked in fear,
my name, through the pouring rain
But no hero calls, as the rain steady falls
while nightmares keep me ensnared
And pure evil grins as another begins
detailing  things that I can not mend
Stop this I plead …I don’t want to see
all these  things that are still yet to be
For me to observe, no purpose is served
So I beg…….bring this curse to an end



94) rhonda  embs 1/6/2019

When there’s no one in which  to share
the load thats much too large to bear
teardrops like rain flood the air









93) 11/5/2018 rhonda embs



At first, it’s  exciting when things move.

Then  they’ll whisper  grandly & oh  so smooth,

you’re a hunter with power, first rate!

& hook, line  and sinker you’ll swallow the bait   


Enticed and drawn in you’ll soon find

it’s not at all what you thought in your mind

but  a dark evil web, so insidiously spread,

to make  the hunter, the hunted,  instead


You’ll learn things that go bump  in the night

tell lies and  can   live in bright light.

You’ll seek answers from hunters on T.V.

trusting any but God to be set free.


Innocent fun it  is  not and the cost-

it is  higher than high, all will be lost!

With God pushed aside, walking  the path that is wide

 Death,  hell and your soul  will collide.







92)  10/17/2018 rhonda embs



It’s just a noise, a bump in the night

I’ll simply rise and turn on a light


But swift in the dark they gather and grow

as fear, through my veins, begins to  flow


Next comes the whispers, as always before

to mock of what’s coming, what lies in store


All night, deep in  ritual, they’ll romp and they’ll play

& I know nothing I do will send them away…….




  I know what to do.  I know who’s child I now am

for I’ve been washed by the blood of God’s  holy lamb.


No ritual done near or sent from afar

can pluck me from   hands now marked with deep scars


As “Amazing Grace” drowns out the chant of their evil spells

 I whisper safe, “I trust you, my Lord…..all is well”.






91)  9-7-2018 rhonda embs


Hear me scream into the night

without a sound I proclaim my plight 


in heavy slumber I sleepless lie

while silent tears out loud I cry


Blind to it all I clearly see

though bound by shackles I’ve been set free


in an ancient world so newly formed

my old self lives  in death transformed



(90) 9/5/2019 rhonda embs

In my head, as endless rhymes take place

multi levels of colors swirl with grace


I smile and I nod with your every word

as layers of activity within me occur


I listen intently to all that you say

while melodies joyously come out to  play


I hear every word you speak and share

I really do listen and truly I care


It’s just that my mind has layers galore

Never full – it’s always searching for more



More words, more colors, more glorious sound

Inside my head those and much more abound



Your words, thoughts and differing points of view

add more layers that, to me, are new.


So, keep talking, sharing and do speak your mind

Just please don’t yell, be mean or unkind.


I know I’ll be richer for knowing you better

and the layer you provide – I’ll cherish forever.






(89) 9/2/2018 rhonda embs

The sky is falling
death is calling
terror I hear in their screams

The earth violently shakes
and in anguish I wake
laden with images of pain




(88)  9/2/18 rhonda embs
On his tail I ride
through the fiery skies
hell bound through the dark shadows.
His roar shakes my soul
yet onward I go
restrained in the dark shadows
When I close my eyes
in hatred he flies
to torment me in the dark shadows
His name I now share
he’s known as “Nightmare”
and he dwells within the dark shadows




(87) 8/27/2918 rhonda embs


I used to cradle rhyming words

close to my heart and  breast

but now I push them far away

I wish to think much less


I want to feel this hurt  no more

to cocoon my tender soul

to bury  all this caustic pain

with  a measure of   self control


It’s way past  time I tell myself

suck it up & just move on

but loneliness keeps me tightly bound

singing the same sad, sad song







(86)  7/2/2018 2:50 am
rhonda embs
Words In My Head



Get out of my head
The woman said
You’re not supposed to be there

Over & over she earnestly pled
Please go away, get out of my head
You’re not supposed to be there

It’s later than late, way past time for bed
You’ve stayed too long, enough has been said
You’re not supposed to be there

But daylight comes soon and tired eyes burn red
So with no hope for sleep she gets up instead
Because life will move on & (yawn) she’s supposed to be there.




85) 01/19/18  rhonda embs



Little Pollyanna has run away

she no longer comes out to play.


When she left, she took the sun

and all she taught has been undone.


An empty void is left in me

a life gone flat  is  all I see.


Not quite black, but grim & bleak

just gray, gray…. gray and weak.


I used to be the one to  see

a silver lining and happy be.


I’d try to encourage, then I’d smile

saying it’ll get better, just wait a while.


But no longer ‘cause I’m now resigned

to swallow what I’ve been fed all this time.


I’ll accept what’s been served up endlessly

that I need to accept a bitter reality.


That there’s no hope, no future, no bright side

just failure, pain and  misery wide.


So all of you that wanted a pal in despair

Move over, make room….I’ve pulled up my chair.






84)  01/19/18 rhonda embs

A wasted life — other than my 2 sons

the only 2 things worthwhile, I’ve ever done


Their lives are all that makes any sense

of my worthless life,  now nearly spent


I have not given them enough I know

and sadness within me daily grows


I ask for time to be  here a little longer

to make their life easier as they grow stronger


Lord lay on me their pain and  suffering

and give to them all blessings you’re offering


Care for them both,  in every way

I beg you, Lord!!!!  Please, please, I pray









83) 1/13/18 rhonda embs

At times the veil grows thinner than thin
and I see from this side to that
hideous beings that make themselves known,
feigning kindness until they attack.
They’ll promise you all your hearts deep desires
money, fame, and great fun.
You deserve it, they’ll whisper, knowing you’ll fall
as so many before you have done.
Once deceived and caught by their insidious lies
under a yoke, heavy and bold,
they taunt with laughter and you’ll bare vast weight,
laden down with chains sharp and cold.
They’ll tell you there is no escape except death
that the pact is forever fixed
I know, for that’s what I was told long ago
as I struggled in bondage, so vexed
Hopeless and resigned to my most tragic fate
’til someone shared with me
the truth that is Jesus’ mercy & grace
and how he came to set captives free.
They said don’t believe what’s been whispered to you
that there is no way out
just call on the one that loves you so dear
he’ll forgive and save you, no doubt!
So believing, by faith, I called on his name
Oh wash me in your precious blood
Now I live for him here and look toward the time when
I’ll join him in heaven above………………





82)  01/12/2018 rhonda embs



Life walks on the edge of a razor blade

Dimensions peculiar  on each side

One slip, one trip, one treacherous step made

Then  in  darkness the deep tide you’ll  ride






81) 12/20/2017 3:30pm rhonda embs


The wind has arrived!


Howling gusts rattle the windows like dried, old bones shaking in the a graveyard.


Dust rises, swirls and dances outside  celebrating momentary victory as it holds captive those  that  are  adversely  affected  by  it’s appearance.


As my breathing becomes more and more labored a shroud of sadness covers me bringing with it a weight of guilt knowing that not only am I affected but so is my son who depends on me for transportation.


I find myself feeling trapped, angry and  depressed as I struggle  to give thanks in all this understanding that I have failed again.


The wind howls with laughter – I sob in silence. 








80) 11/29/2017 1:17am rhonda embs

Sometimes the warm blanket of loving memories that I have of you morph into a hideous deformed boa constrictor. It squeezes all life from me and then slithers away leaving me entangled in a heavy shroud of grief.







 79)   8/28/17 rhonda embs

Words, chords and melodies meet

forming songs glad and sweet

so sleep again gets pushed aside

as on each note I willingly ride

the music first captures me

then mysteriously, it sets me free

I’m lifted up from depths so low

as each song around me flows

all worry and sadness melts away

so on and on I let the music play………..











 78) 5/14/17 rhonda embs

Why they’re active again is unclear

for nothing has changed in my life

but it’s plain that they now have less fear

and openly appear in bright light 


Boldly they do appear

these prevailing shadows of  night

they linger ever so near

flowing in and out of  sight


Candidly they move around here

and oppression covers this place

These days I feel like a sightseer

who’s interfering and invading their space










11:21pm   5/12/17  rhonda embs

Some say their glass is half empty

While some, half full, is their call

Me I find it quite amazing

To have a glass at all


Half empty seems so very sad

Half full too hard to preserve

but I see in my simple glass

much more than I deserve


The glass that comes before my mind

when people, their comments, I face

is a priceless glass filled by my Lord

ever flowing with his sweet grace


So I will always say my glass

is not just  half of either   

but one that’s ever overflowing

with blessings from my Saviour








76) rhonda embs 5/2/2017


All my life, they’ve danced and swirled

as along they soared with wings unfurled

often blessing my small world.


I watched in silence when they fluttered by

I never questioned or wondered why

so many, before my eyes, did  fly


I just paused and enjoyed the free display

of colors and perfection in each ballet

knowing, much too soon, they’d  be on their way.







 75) rhonda embs 5/2/2017


It’s the same now, as in times long past

insidious words, brilliantly  masked

that bring destruction of lives, so vast

when, “Yea, hath God said?”, again he asks


Today he plays the same evil game

using simple tactics that need not change

he’ll insert thoughts of doubt and blame

then wait and watch the ruin and shame






74) rhonda embs 2/23/2017


My God,

I beseech you in desperate prayer

please left me from this deep despair


Before you and you alone

my broken spirit cries and moans


I weep, pray and seek your face.

I beg of you, send down your grace


I have nothing of worth to give, to offer

but all that I am, I place on your altar.





73) rhonda embs 2/21/2017


I scream into the darkness


I am not brave or strong

but fragile here all alone

I am not okay

I am not okay


I am weak and terrified

broken nearly paralyzed

I am not okay

I am not okay


I scream into the darkness

no one hears – no one hears.








72) rhonda embs  2/2/2017

No ability of my own
to sing loud and clear
so in silence I wait
for loving hands to appear.
Though my tears today may  flow
take note and mark my words
kind hands  will someday come
and my voice will again be heard.













 71) 12/30/2016   8:30pm

rhonda embs


With urgency, notes cry out to be played

and words fight to rhyme in the time displayed


A release of emotions whether hurt, sad or sweet

all must come forth before I again feel complete


Sometimes it forms in deep darkness of night

imploring me to rise, sing and play long before light


Other times, while caring for mundane tasks of day

the music engulfs me and sweeps me away


Like breathing, it is a part of me I do just to live

and I thank God, that to me, this music he does give.








 70) 10/21/2016  rhonda embs


A friend just lost a loved one,

this earth he no longer roams.

Earthly comfort, she finds none

for sad and empty is her home.


We’re thankful he’s with you now

but deep sorrow is felt  below.

So Lord draw her close somehow

and gently ease her woe.


Help her feel your love and care

as you hold her shattered heart.

Comfort send to her, I ask in prayer,

for her world’s been torn apart.


A season of mourning she now begins

and she needs your  sweet, sweet grace

until, with you, they meet again

and eternal rejoicing can take place.







 (69)  10/11/2016 rhonda embs


She watches quietly as ghostly steam rises up

and waits for tea to brew in the delicate cup.


She lingers over this simple pleasure to end each day

while visions of things long past clearly play.


The tiny flowers on the cup brings memories bright

of the single rose he brought each Friday night.


And the gold band that circles the cup she can’t ignore

for it screams of the wedding band she once wore.


The silver spoon that she uses to gently stir sugar in

reminds her of the sweetness of being loved by him.


The steam as it slowly rises and then disappears

reminds her of a life now gone and the many shed tears.


So nightly she sips & savors memories bittersweet

finding uncommon comfort in a teacup so petite.









 68) 10/6/16  rhonda embs


tick tock / tick tock


In silence she closely watches the clock

while back and forth she does rock

at times she’ll stand to  pace and walk

but always she watches that old, old clock


She’s not waiting for a certain time

or for a special hour in which to dine

leave me be, she pleads, I’m really fine

sometimes ticks and tocks mean more than time


Now many say she’s not safe alone

they think her mind’s completely gone

deeply buried with her husband John

whose sudden death left her all alone


They watch her closely, that she  knows

but in silence she lets sweet memories flow

his note had read, My bride, I love you so

tick/tock….just listen and you’ll always know


So it’s not his death that fills her mind

but the love they shared down through time

as the clock kept beat they’d silly rhyme

then laugh together… that fills her mind


So with loving memories  she watches the clock

while back and forth she peaceful rocks

sometimes she stands  and likes to  walk

as she quietly listens to that old, old clock





67)  10/3/2016 rhonda embs  4:30am


Cartoons, in full color, I see in my mind

and words come together seeking to rhyme


Notes they form and make merry chase

forming scores of  music as it all takes place


Every face, note and rhyme I so easily see

all characters   vividly  detailed to  me


But I now question why why why

it serves no purpose, is my cry


It’s simply silly and pointless to me

if I can’t earn a living or  helpful be







66)  10/3/2016 rhonda embs  3am


A keyboard before me sits

and keys one by one I hit


Words and rhymes so often come

but insignificant are their sum


Most mediocre at very best

still I type for I can not rest


Why am I so compelled to write

Why am I consumed to type each night


It makes no sense or profit brings

it serves no purpose to me it seems


And yet tonight again I sit

forming words with the keys I hit.


So with not a reason as to why

words I rhyme as time passes by.





65) 10/3/2016 rhonda embs


Tears of joy

Tears of pain

Tears of loss

Tears of gain

Time moves on

but tears remain.




 64) 10/2/2016 rhonda embs

11:41 p.m


With head and heart bowed

she calls on his  name

confessing out loud

Lord I know I’m to  blame


I beg for your healing

and seek for  your will

yet I cling to old feelings

and remain unchanged still.


I’ve never felt so defeated

I’ve never felt so oppressed

But my heart it’s still beating

and I know you still bless


So help me, this day

feel you & nothing more

to trust come what may

‘til we meet on that heavenly shore.






63) 10/2/16 rhonda embs 10p.m.


Tears freely flow

how to  stop them

she does not know.


Night and day

they do not slow,

tears she weeps

her sadness grows.


She hides inside

& thinks no one knows

but I hear her cry

I hear her woe.


What can I do

where do I go

to help this child

hurt so long ago?


She wants to heal

she desires it so

Please hold her Lord

& great mercy show.





62) Another poem quick and not well thought out

popped into my head as I was getting ready for work today. 

I was wearing my super cute ukulele jewelry.
10/1/2016 rhonda embs


For work today I carefully dress
taking special care to look my best.

I choose the perfect blouse to wear
and then tie up my long brown hair.

Next with latch double checked
a tiny uke goes round my neck.

Then 2 more ukes I get to wear.
One to sway and dance from each ear.

This cute jewelry has made my day.
Happy and ready – I’m on my way






61)  9/30/16 rhonda embs

not my best but a poem never the less 🙂 giggle

(BTW……..I only own 1 ukulele and it was bought for me…..)




You’ve decided to buy a small ukulele,
just one for fun, you’ll not get all crazy.



Before you do and in case you’ve not heard,
take heed to this warning, to these simple words.



Just one tiny uke you now plan to buy,
but then one more will soon catch your eye.


You’ll toss and you’ll turn, unable to sleep,
thinking, it’s just one more and it’s fairly cheap.


One will become two and then many more,
‘til your once tidy home looks like a store.


There will be no place to sit, eat or sleep,
instead rests your ukes, each special and sweet.


I know that it’s true for it’s happened to me
and to so many others, but you’ll soon see.


Cause I can see by the dazed look in you eye,
that no matter the warning you still plan to buy.





60) 9/25/16 rhonda embs


She was once called  Songbird

but now that doesn’t mean a thing.

Today this sad sad Songbird

can no longer sing.


Her head it hangs low

and her feathers have lost all shine.

Her voice is now quiet

and heartache fills her mind.


Her reason for singing is gone

and with him the notes so glad.

She no longer sings her music

she’s just too, too sad.


Grief it has silenced her

since the loss of her sweet love

He’s  left her here all alone

to live in heaven above.





59) 9/24/2016   rhonda embs


Another day almost past

and night is coming on

I dread the long dark hours

I must endure ’til dawn


Shadows seem so much darker

than they ever did before

but I know that’s not the truth

for nothing changes anymore


Black does not get blacker

just because I think it does

and evil grows no more evil

than ever it once was


So no matter the depth of terror

that may fill this long dark night

the sun will rise tomorrow

and things will appear alright


But the whispers never completely stop

and the shadows linger round

to once again grow ghastly

when tomorrow the sun goes down






58) 9/24/16  rhonda embs

(for all those looking for work…..but finding none)


Write  –  sew  –  strum  and sing.

None of them do a thing

to pay my ever growing debts

or stop the many collector threats.


Scan  –  type  –  and fast data entry.

My office skills are quite lengthy.

But  employment I can not find

because they no longer want my kind.


Today I’m  considered much too old

and “We need bilingual” I’m  daily told.

But truly I noticed a long time ago

nothing really matters, except who you know.



So I no longer dream of better, for me or mine.

To simply survive, I am resigned.

I pray daily for enough food to eat

and to keep this old house for a safe place to sleep.






 57)  9/24/16 rhonda embs   



I want a tenor uke of a special kind.

One  custom made with me in mind.

It’ll be a beauty and it’ll sound so sweet,

one perfectly crafted by “Bonanza Pete”.


A “Bonanza Ukulele” that’s what I desire.

Quality and looks you can’t get much higher.

Designs and sizes, there are so many,

plus the owners, well, they’re just plain friendly.


My funds are tight like most peoples are

but I’m gonna’ get me an ol’ mason jar

and my pennies I’ll hoard ‘til comes the day

I can order me one with the money I’ve saved.





56) 9/24/16    rhonda embs

(thinking of my precious mother and the abusive life she endured for 18 years)



When a once priceless vase, in anger, is thrown

pieces lay scattered, irreparable,  alone


Tears cried without end, number  or pause

can never repair the vase as it was


Such is my heart that you carelessly break

when hateful accusations, at me, you make


Again and again, it’s always the same

venom at me then you say I’m to blame


I’m not the same women after all of these years

I am covered with scars and cry silent tears


I  don’t want to hurt anymore, in any way

but this is my life ’til my dying day.






55) 9/23/2016 rhonda embs


On Friday’s with our ukes in hand

we all gather before our screens

and wait for Petey Mack to start again,

another online stream.


It’s nothing very fancy

just home folk gathered round,

to share, laugh and play

and make a joyful sound.


But his laughter is contagious

and the music is major fun.

It’s all a bit outrageous

and that’s exactly why we come.


So thank you  Petey Mack

for every online sing along

and for all the work you do

preparing arraignments of each song.







54) 9/23/2016  rhonda embs 


It’s such  a little instrument

with quite a pleasant sound.

Whenever it is  played

blessings do abound.


Your health, it will improve.

Your stress will melt away.

Depression it will lift

and worries, they will fade.


Friendships, they will grow,

and your skill, it will too.

So grab your ukulele,

let’s play the whole night through.







53) 9/22/2016 rhonda embs 11pm


Often hidden behind closed doors

two worlds collide and illusion soars.


They slither from beyond the veil

to deceive, frighten and assail.


Moving between above and below

they walk around, to and fro.


Little imps that come in sly disguise

to fool the many accepting eyes.


But I was bound,  held captive long ago,

so their identity well I  know


I see beyond their bright shining lights,

to view the hideous,  evil sights.


I clearly see them in full array,

but close to God I now stay


I am kept safe in his loving care

and no longer worry  that they are there.


But if you do not know him personally,

take heed, you will, for certain,  be deceived.







52) 9/19/2016 1:15 am rhonda embs



A soft tap on my shoulder

A gentle tug on my hair

But I dare not look

for no one is there

I know this sounds odd

I swear I’m not crazy

But it happens each time

I play   ukulele

I think there’s a song

that it wants to hear

but it’s choice is unknown

it’s desire  unclear

It’s a bit annoying

and distracting to me

but I continue to play

and hope that it flees

Maybe someday

I’ll strum the right song

and it will be satisfied

enough to move on

So if you’ve a ukulele

and this happens to you

be brave and keep playing

it’s the best thing to do.








51)  9/18/2016 rhonda embs



Where are the notes that used to dance in the air?


Where are the songs that helped lift the despair?



Silence constructs a sound proof tomb.


Brick by brick  grows a crypt of gloom



Shadows grow long then  darkness pours in,


and no music plays as deep depression begins.



I long for the music to again circle round,


but try as I might only silence is found.









 50) 9/18/2016  rhonda embs


We weren’t raised together,
so no memories we share
but she’s my dear cousin
and, for her, I do care.


My mom and her dad
both now are gone.
They rest up in heaven
as below we move on.


I can’t help but wonder
if maybe they smiled
as we talked on the phone
across the vast miles.






49) 9/15/2016 11:30 pm rhonda embs


In dreams, I reach for you.

Awake, you are not there.

Torment floods my soul

and grief consumes  all air.


Just when I think I’m better

another round begins.

It takes me back to the start

where I’ve already been.



Again I can not catch my breath

and nothing brings relief.

But I know that I must carry on

no matter how deep my grief.



So I struggle one more time

to claw my way up and out

from the deep dark cavern

built of depression, grief and doubt.







48) 9/15/2016  rhonda embs 10:23pm


Do the tears ever stop?
Does the sadness ever end?
How can a broken heart
go on beating, but  never mend?


The hurt continues on.
Pain like  lava flows.
Words can not explain it.
No one can ever know.


Unless you’ve lived though it.
Unless you’ve been left behind.
You can never understand,
intense sorrow of this kind.


You’ll never be the same.
You’ll always wonder why.
And as time moves on around you,
a million tears you’ll have left to cry.







 47) 9/15/2016 rhonda embs 8pm


Ever alone, through  nights so long

I  strum and sing  countless songs.

Those of old and  new ones too

I sing and strum as I long for you.


Sad and lonely, for you’re not here,

I miss the love that we once shared.

So I’ll lift my voice and continue to strum

through all the  solitary hours that come.


I’ll sing of the time you filled my life

and treasure the memories of being your wife.

I’ll play love songs that remind me of you,

that speak of our past and  a love so true.






46) rhonda embs 9/9/2016 1:50 am


With the moon and darkness only,

night time weeps so lonely.


Though nothing from the day has changed,

reality appears so rearranged.


Normal sounds that float harmless by,

bring ghosts &  demons to ones mind.


And brave, brave hearts do  rapidly beat,

as heros hide beneath their sheets.


Those who, in day light, tower tall,

in darkness, tremble and cower small.


With eyes held closed in fear, so tight

they suffer through another dismal night.







44 & 45) 9/8/2016 rhonda embs


Awake to pray in the coming day
as deep darkness to light gives way.
And as daybreak sounds outside are heard
I linger in your precious word.

It’s time I look so forward to,
this morning time spent alone with you.
But I am double blessed for I get to close each day
in the very same incredible way!


9/8/16 rhonda embs ( another one but shorter)

Time for prayer
Time to read
Time to learn
what my Lord has for meI start each morning in this special way
then repeat again to complete my day.








 43) 9/6/2016 rhonda embs 11:30 pm


In darkness, I sing in prayerful tone

to my LORD, and him alone.


New melodies they quickly come

as carefully my fingers strum.


Simple songs of praise do rise

to fill his throne room in the sky


Darkness may obscure all that I see

but I know my God and he cares for me.


So on I’ll play ‘til the sun does rise

and amazing light again fills my eyes







42) 9/4/16 rhonda embs 5:00pm


As the wind blows strong through the trees
I read, write and make melody.

Yes, I have places I‘d prefer to be
but it’s in Gods hands, all things I leave.

& although, at times, I cough and wheeze
I am richly blessed beyond degree.

So whatever God has planned for me
in prayer I’ll praise and thankful be.






41)  9/4/2016 rhonda embs 3:30pm


In fear, there are mysteries that must be pinned

about secret things that ride on the wind.

Dark nameless creatures  who to evil lend

while in the normal world they do blend.


On  wind they ride and wait to descend.

You can not know or comprehend

that on one  soft  breeze felt across your skin

they’ve attached to live  and feed ’til your end.


They are not satisfied to live upon your skin

but move to your nose or mouth  to descend.

They take up residence in you lungs and then

every movement of your life they control and attend.


So in hiding, I screen the  air that I take in

and beg  you take serious heed my friend.

A warning I give, I earnestly contend,

that they come to subdue us all in the end.


Is there hope and a way, our life, to defend?

Sadly, once attached, they have won my friend.

So protect yourself and great sympathy extend

to those taken captive, now living condemned.





 40) 9/4/16  rhonda embs 3:45am


She sits listening to the rushing river

wondering from this sadness 

can she be delivered

or if, before night turns again to day,

beneath the waters should she lay

as she wonders would the water be cold and dark

just the way as it is within her heart

the moon sits high in the sky

and it silently watches as alone she  cries

a train whistle sounds from far away

and she doubts she can  face another day

what’s the right and  the best  thing to do

she asks herself and  wished she knew

the  question is not if, but how and when

that’s really what the question has always been

she knows there’ll soon come a time

when she’ll have a plan, made up her mind

this knowledge gives her calm and peace

and from her thoughts, sweet release

for though she may see the morning light

she may never see another night.





39)  9/3/16 rhonda embs


You say that you feel sad and blue

so I’ll say a prayer and sing for you.


I’ll lift your name before the throne

then sing a lullaby for you alone


Comfort, please Lord, do  impart

and as I sing  sooth their sad, sad heart.


Please use me in this simple way

to help your child feel loved today.







38) 8/31/16 rhonda embs


I am so tired and feel like resting.

I think I need sleep but

my little uke is protesting


Play me, play me it calls out strong

& really….. I’m not too tired

to play just one, maybe two, songs.


I’ll take just a few moments, I say out loud.

I’ll strum and I’ll sing

then I’ll rest as I need, to myself, this I vow.


So I play and enjoy the sounds that climb high

becoming refreshed and renewed

as  time swiftly flies by.


It wasn’t sleep that I needed for rest after all.

Just time making music

on this sweet instrument, so small.








37) 8/30/2016 rhonda embs


I take a deep breath and try to focus,

beyond loneliness  of  night

and  feelings so  hopeless


They rise  from a place so dark and cold

to steal my breath,  those

feelings of old


Each time I think they will no longer rise

they boldly come forth

to spread  menacing lies.


Then breathless again I trembling lay

praying and crying, please Lord

take these  feelings away


Keep my thoughts on you and only your word

Especially, when

in darkness things seem so blurred


I know these feelings are not good or true

So remove everything, Lord,

that is not sent of you.






36) 8/26/2016  rhonda embs




Deep hurt buried long ago


So much like hot lava flows


It rises up now from far below




I cry out as it burns again


Through the tender, delicate skin


That once was me on the mend




It’s not softened through the years


Like yesterday the pain still sears


As testified by these flowing tears




So with sleep pushed far away


I sit alone and  ukulele play


Praying for the light of day.




I sing words attached to notes


Of Jesus Christ my source of  hope


Knowing only he can heal a heart so broke.







 35) 8/7/2016 rhonda embs

Echoing through the cloudy mist of time now past
Comes a voice that revives the deadened chords at last
The sound of ancient chants start and spreads world wide
Old things are born again while she looks on horrified
She feels insidious ripples as they claw forward from beyond the veil
She hears primal howls of souls that burn in the depths of hell
She sees dark shadows playing just outside the sphere of normal vision
As evil beings, once locked and bound, are now gloriously  risen





34)  7/13/16 rhonda embs

With furrowed brow

And sad sad eyes

She  thinks of him

And inside she cries



She prays and sings

And tries to hide

That demanding thing

That lives deep inside



Down within her heart

Strongly it does thrive

One tiny tear so dark

That Forever sadly cries









33) 7/13/16 rhonda embs

A single note hangs in the air
It bobs and floats without a care
I watch and smile knowing what’s to come
For soon this note I’ll pluck or strum


I wait for more notes to come out to play
Then bring them together in a special way
Carefully & slowly I’ll try them out
I’ll write them down & move them about


With bluegrass twang or soul searching blues
Of sad, sad memories or happy love news
Words now dance with the notes freshly penned
A new song is born—Let the singing begin.






32) 7/6/2016 rhonda embs


Tomorrow you’d be sixty-two
if you were here
I’d sing for you.


I’d let you know how much I care
with little notes
tucked everywhere.


I’d wrap some gifts & bake a cake
then with loving arms,
you, I’d wake.


I’d tell you how you blessed my life
by choosing me
to be your wife.






31)  7/3/16 rhonda embs

Tonight, my bible, I carefully read.

Then with many names mentioned,

my prayers, I have said.


It’s the end of a long and very hard day,

so sleep should come easily,

but awake I do lay.


For shots and explosions still ring outside loud.

They break through the silence

to leave  heavy smoke clouds.


You’re too heavenly minded, many times I’ve been told.

Even fireworks remind me

of  Heaven and streets of pure gold.


So I’ll not toss or turn,  but openly embrace,

and celebrate in prayer as I lie wide awake,


Thank you, my Lord, for your mercy,

forgiveness, and amazing grace.







30) 7/3/16 rhonda embs

As words strike vicious blows
my heart does often break.
And tears so freely flow
as sense I try to make.


Sense as to why each and every day
we struggle to co-exist.
I have no answer so oft I pray
just for peace within our mist.


I can not change another at all,
that is not within my power.
So to the Lord I humbly call,
Please change me this very hour.


Help me think before I speak
& be gentle in my tone.
No matter what strife others seek
or what, to me, is shown.


Please cleanse me of all sinful pride
and leave love within it’s place.
So others no longer see me inside,
just you and your sweet grace





29)  rhonda embs 6/22/16


But…..Lord, my mouth.

It still hurts so,

the lisping and gagging.

I just don’t know.


I just got this music.

It would surely  show

that I haven’t  rehearsed.

No, I just can’t  go


All night I spoke.

My words freely flowed.

All the while knowing,

I  shouldn’t say no


Then a still soft voice

Whispered,  My  child,  I know.

You’re full of excuses,

but in the end you will go.


It’s not about the things

you’ve  tossed to and fro.

It’s simply your willingness

and who’s in control.


You know where I want you.

Choose now who you’ll follow.

Me, who you call Lord

or your excuses so hollow.







28) rhonda embs June 11. 2016


21 years have passed but still….
from my eyes—tears so easily spill

My heart it aches & finds no relief
plagued and scarred by unyielding grief

You promised we’d grow old as one
A promise stolen by a life undone








27)  rhonda embs 4/16/2016


I can not serve you —as I see fit
But I am alive —so you’re not done with me yet
Help me to be patient —and wisdom, please give
as I follow and purpose, —-for you, to live.
My little or much, all I have, —it is yours
So help me earn riches —in things that endure
Not to keep or covet —-for my very own
But to bow down and place them —before you — at your throne.






26) rhonda embs 4/15/16


Once I walked in a land of confusion

Ruled by lies and  strong delusion.

I groped in  darkness and endless night

while guilt and shame filled my  life.

“Is there truth or mercy anywhere?”

I cried out through  darkness, “Does anyone care?”

Then two nail scarred hands, from heaven above,

 plucked me from darkness and wrapped me in love.

He lifted me up and called me his own.

My life, every breath, to him now belongs.








25) rhonda embs 4/15/2016


Without notice of a clock,

gently back and forth I rock.

A motion learned to soothe and charm

precious babies in my arms.

Though they are now both fully grown

the  rocking, it continues  on.

And though  no babies now I hold

a treasury of stories could be told.

For from this  old, familiar activity

Flows sweet & cherished  memories

Memories of two sons  still greatly loved,

priceless gifts from God above.




24)  rhonda embs 4/14/2016


In a park under a tree I did strum
and sang to my love “Our Day Will Come”.

Though often told we were much too young
our plans of being together had sprung.

While the notes in waiting carefully hung.
The details to leave, in secret, were spun

Once settled I sang, and with joy I strummed…..
knowing truly,
that soon,
our day would come.






 23) rhonda embs 3/31/16


As the moon rises and  silence sings a new decree

a single tear pushes  forth, now set free

unshackled from  its long controlled captivity


It flows intensely with sweet release

and though the single tears entombment now has ceased,

her sad, sad heart still finds no peace


There are many more tears locked deep within,

well guarded where the one has been

so the needy child, in prayer, runs to him again


She calls out, in trust, while on bended knee

Father, I come to you with this humble plea

Please help me accept, whatever, you have for me


Lord, I’m sorry circumstances have made me  distraught

this life, my life, is so different than ever  I thought

restrictions, hindrances, and trial,  seem my  constant lot


I miss my health, my church and song

I feel like a burden to all those that carry on

always taking, never giving back-this has gone on so long



Please, dear Lord,  forgive my sad, sad heart

the tears still hidden and the one released at the start

and my selfish desires of wanting my way and having my part


Your kindness, provision and unending mercy

is ever present and yet  content I fail to  be

I ask for forgiveness, not my will but yours—please change me!






22) rhonda embs 2/23/16


Morning comes – a new day fair.
First, praise & thanksgiving I lift in prayer.
Then, Lord set my feet on the course you choose
and help me stay that course without excuse.

Your arms and hands please, help me be,
so you in me, all will see.
When the day moves forward and all is done
return me home safe to my dear sons.




21) rhonda embs 2/22/16


Come and sing, please jump right in.

Now open up and let’s both begin.
Just for fun, the whole night through,

Let’s laugh and sing, me and you.

Giggles and tunes float in the air,
on key and off key, with not a care.
Songs of faith in bluegrass strong,

one by one, we’ll sing each song.

Mandolins twill and banjo bright
take each song to momentous heights.
You’ve brought canned music, that’s okay,

as long as the melodies somehow get played.

We’ll sing every song we know about grace,
and weep with the thought of seeing his face.
The ones about heaven, we’ll sing all those too.

To let even one pass, that just wouldn’t do.

Then way too soon, the dawn it will break,
so new plans to meet, we quickly will make.
As we gather our things and give bear hugs tight

We’ll whisper, “Sweet dreams, God bless & good night”.






20) rhonda embs 2/21/16


With the closing of another day,
I stop and take time, once again, to pray.
In close communion I desire to stay,
never wanting, from your side, to stray.


So I come to you with a desire sincere,
thankful in knowing that, for me, you care.
Trusting, assured and with not a fear,
because you are faithful and forever near.


Please search me and show me any dark thing
that abides within me and needs addressing
so I can bow before you, humble and clean,
willing and ready to serve you, my KING.







19) rhonda embs 2/21/16



As I sit in the pew and listen,
soon my eyes begin to glisten
and I lean forward to hear more clearly
about the one that I love so dearly.


I never grow weary or bored
of hearing about my dear Lord
I want to hear it all over again
especially where he paid for my sin.


So Preacher, preach from those wonderful pages
about how he loved us down through the ages
of the miracles and records of faith,
his salvation, forgiveness and sweet grace!






18)  rhonda embs 2/20/16

(certainly not my best work but I jotted it down in about 5 minutes
while wondering if I will be able to attend church tomorrow morning.)



As the day draws quickly to an end,
a deep desire does form.
I whisper a prayer to attend,
my church tomorrow morn.


Offered in kindness, this humble advise,
from one who knows first hand
that health issues could soon arise
& your ability to choose can end.


So if tomorrow you get to choose
don’t take for granted your option.
It’s one you soon could lose,
so make that choice with caution.






17) rhonda embs 2/20/16


I like words, colors, touch, and song

I like those times when they all come along

And intermingle, right or wrong

To bring about a creation strong


Music, a new quilt, poem or drawing

Designs from the shadows of my mind come crawling

Some not so bad, others truly appalling

No matter – just so the ideas keep calling


Creativity, it comes from my blessed Lord

So if anything good or worthy is scored

to him goes all honor, praise, and award

I simply ask that he affords me more.






16) rhonda embs 2/20/16


We met in the store today.
A blast from the past, so they say.
We talked & hugged, then went separate ways.
You with a tract, a new bible and me to pray.









 15) rhonda embs 2/20/16


I pray to be used by Jesus, my Lord.
I yearn to serve the one I adore.
Not with thoughts of any future reward,
simply the result of his love, out poured.


So here’s my prayer, my humble plea;
that with each breath he gives to me,
and in a way that all see him, not me,
I complete each day’s responsibilities.







14) rhonda embs 2/16/16

(sounding like a Dr. Seuss book….wow I must be tired LOL)


Oh no, the words have escaped from deep within  me. 

They are out and about  now playing  – yippee!

I need to rest so sternly I  plea, go to sleep,

go to sleep, please, please, please!


Don’t mind us, they say,  just count the sheep. 

Up on a mountain side so steep

There are  many to count, bleat, bleat, bleat!


Stop that, STOP THAT, I scream in despair. 

Get back in your  places, this isn’t fair.

No wonder I’m tired and grumpy and old.

You never mind me or do as you’re told.


It’s now the night and I’ve been up all day

This isn’t the time or place to play.

Now all you words, get in lines from a to z.

No more rhyming —please, let me be!!!!






13)  Rhonda Embs 2/16/16

Enough time has passed, they say
and yet she still behaves this way
I think it’s for attention she plays
using  outdated loss,  day after day

Vows spoken was a future paved
Together, one flesh, we were to stay
So attention is not that which I crave
But the part of me  ripped away

His body in a grave does lay
so now alone I weep and pray
alive but without a heart today
cold, in grief, in sorrow, enslaved. 







12)  rhonda embs  2/15/16


A song forms deep in my mind,
born from a dream of another time.
Lyrics and melody on the staff do climb,
sounds of an ancient  tune sublime.

Swirls of music waltz and chime.
A haunting melody  with colors entwined
bring forth a memory no longer confined,
Set free once again to brightly shine.






11)  rhonda embs 1/31/15


A bit of white fabric

A needle and thread

One careless poke and

White becomes red


So crimson colored

The stain as it  spreads

Brings  my Saviour to mind

And the blood he did shed


Sin stained was I

corrupt and lost

But God’s Holy lamb

He Paid the cost


Now  grateful I sit

With a poke and stained floss

Humbly  reminded

Of an old rugged cross













12) rhonda embs 1/30/15


With busy hands

I quilt and sew

while from my lips

prayers do flow.


Every stitch I take

to patch or mend

asks the Lord

his grace to send.


Lost Souls do cry &

his children have needs

so with needle and thread

I intercede


Scraps pieced in blocks

with thoughtful care

show a soul uplifted

in fervent prayer


So, hands keep busy

& take to his throne

quilts made of prayers

my lips  have sewn.













9)   rhonda embs  1/27/2015


Many simple prayers I whisper
over the hum of a sewing machine
taking the needs and wants of others
into the throne room of my King.
To the melody of the motor
many words before him I bring
imploring grace and mercy
awaiting miracles to see






8) rhonda embs  1/27/2015

Fabric stitched together

that first was cut apart

Memories in the making
warming both bed and heart
The wealth of quilting knowledge
to you I will impart
Just come and let me teach you
This treasured yet simple art








1:03 and the past cries out to me

A restless sleep  brings no reprieve

Looming shadows of forgotten vows

Mock and taunt me openly now


You willingly promised beneath the new moon

And there is no deliverer, chants the old tune

Come back to where you know you belong

There is no salvation for which you so long


A lie, that’s what you brazenly fell for

The time has now come to settle the score

Shaken and confused in a vague twilight state

I find myself thinking, yes this must be my fate


Wildly my heart pounds  as fear assaults every cell

Another nightmare has spun it’s vile, wicked spell

I claw toward wakefulness seeking desperately to transcend

No more, I  scream out , make this  torturous hell  end


Up and now full awake my blood bought soul

Praises my Saviour, knowing, he made me whole

Lies, that’s what my wicked past tries to feed me

But he is the truth  and from bondage I’m set free


His precious word rings out in the night

As I read aloud, the darkness is made light

My praises to him I so willingly sing

In him, there is  rest that sleep can not bring





6) March 6, 2014 Rhonda Embs


The night is dark shrouded in silence

My tears fall as I seek his guidance

His precious words I read through tears

Where do I serve thee for the coming years?


I lay face down before him, my King

And with needy hands to him I cling

Use me to serve thee, I beg and cry

For unless I serve thee, my Lord, I die.


My only purpose is you to glorify

My desire is that purpose to satisfy

So guide me to the place you choose for me

And give me wisdom that place to see.







5)  In this world…
With selfishness the new norm
And gross sin no cause for alarm
I’d be terrified with no place to flee
But I rest in my Lord, set free

In sweet communion….
Refreshed as I tarry
I read in the bible I now carry
Of a special place I’ve never before known
It’s heaven and I’ve a  mansion  my own.

In his presence…
yes that’s what I choose to think on
With the battle all over and the victory won
Praising him throughout eternity.
My Jesus, My Saviour, my all for thee!







4) Tentacles of memories move around me,
certain the enslaved was never set free.
Like colorful, vexing swirls of pain intertwined
with the foul stench of sinful pride that deeply binds.
They call from the past and echo through time,
“You are missed, come home, it’s Samhain”.
They call seductively, to the woman, by an old secret name,
“We wait for you, my dear, let’s celebrate, it’s Samhain”!
Then suddenly, as if inflamed, the tentacles convulse in pain,
now tormented, that their desperate pursuit was in vain.
The woman they searched for is no longer in chains,
but is now washed by his blood,
and before them, a new creature is all that remains.





3)  Words struggle for prominence
As they tumble to the page
Spilling out in abundance
As if in blind rage.

But rage is not the emotion
The words clamber to convey
Merely prayers of devotion
Written, now on display.







2)   Simple tears I shed – for those who know not thee
Simple tracts I give – to plant salvation seeds

Simple songs I sing – to praise your holy name
Simple words I write – to share just why you came

Simple prayers I whisper – in gratitude for now I’m free
Simple, it’s all I have – but my ALL I give to thee.





1)   Stitches I place in fabric with great care
It’s a gift to give -that’s what I now prepare


When all is said and done, the finished gift,
though not a perfect one


Will contain the prayers that now I lift
Needle up, a quilt begun


Lord, if today, they know you not
Teach them of the gift you gave
So unlike this little quilt,
your gift perfect in every way


But if they be your blood bought child
Already richly blessed
Take this tiny, humble gift,
and give them warm, sweet rest.








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