Two New Poems

THEN THEY DIED    (read by me—https://youtu.be/zJG2-YGBIAA



Upside Downside Inside out

Topsy Turvy Round about

Evil calls and all things fall

thinking rebellion  reigns above all


Chaos leads the fools as they onward proceed

while boasting  they have all that they need

Their flesh they appease and do what they please vowing

never to bow or take knee.



Together they flock to tempt God and  mock

while in sin they  openly dwell

in tight rank they  defiantly march

straight into the horrors of hell


Oh, but God  did provide- his son he sent to die. The perfect & holy sacrifice

But sadly they selected, they  fully  rejected

Gods mercy & grace….. then they died!



R. embs



Seek only his face  (read by me—https://youtu.be/cb8NjPhqaxg  




It’s said that scary things only go bump in the night

but, my friend, that’s not always the case.

Before your next breath

they may manifest

whether it be dark or full light.


You can cleanse, you can smudge but you’re wasting your time

for, dear friend,  that will not keep you safe

Boldly they’ll stand

just as they planned

before you face to face.


Cloaked, hideous beings, before you  will appear

So please friend, I  beg you– do beware

They’ve heard all your pleas

how that you  want to believe

in  an angel or a loved one to  see


You’ll think- it’s not  to fear like that bump in the night

 & you’ll reach out with all of your might

Only to  learn

that you’ve been turned

from the Lord to a devil you can’t fight


So fall to your knees and call out to the one

that will protect and carry you through

Seek only his face

To rest in his grace

For in love he died just for you




R. embs




















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