A Heavenly Birthday

Painful, bittersweet memories fill my heart today of a women that touched my life so deeply and profoundly that words can never express.  


For a brief second, when I woke this morning, I reached for the phone to call and wish her a happy birthday…………..then a heavy weight crushed me back against my pillow with the painful knowledge that her birthday would pass without us talking.  Tears flowed as reality struck reminding me that there would be no birthday phone call, no laughing together, no teasing each other, no talking about how old we were both getting.   


As I wept, thoughts of her husband and sons having to face this day without her filled my head and  my already  broken heart cried out in even deeper  despair.   Oh how I wish I could take away their pain and replace it with a soothing, healing balm. For them, I pray for the peace and comfort that only Jesus can give. 


While violent burning tears flow and as I try to hum Happy Birthday, I am  surrounded by precious memories. Precious memories that we made together over the past almost 40 years.  I weep not just in sorrow but also in gratitute  for the time we got to share and for the eternity that lies before us.  In hope and with great anticipation I look  forward to “someday”. 

Someday – I will see you again.

Someday –  all our tears will be wiped away.  

Someday – there will be no more heartache. 

Yes,  someday in the sweet by and by. 

Oh what a great rejoicing that will be! 



…through the years…



 my friend and my sister 

I am grateful, humbled and blessed beyond measure for the time that the Lord gave us together.   

I am a better person simply by knowing you.

I love you and I miss you but the heavenly reunion grows closer day by day.

It will not be long now. 



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