Car Trouble

I am very grateful to get home with my groceries last Thursday (6/6). It’s never done it before but my car over heated. I couldn’t use air at all but the Lord got me and all the groceries home safe.


Friday (6/7) morning at car repair shop waiting to find out why my car overheated yesterday.


I knew I’d need something to keep my hands and mind busy while waiting on the car repairs. I grabbed some leftover yarn bits, some plastic canvas and a large needle and though I had no idea what I would make I figured I’d come up with something to keep me occupied. I did. I stayed busy for approximately 6 hours while my cars radiator was replaced. They found a crack in the old one so a new one had to be ordered and installed . While waiting on the new one I had them do an oil change since it was due anyway. It was a long wait but I was inside (out of record breaking heat) in a very cool and clean waiting area with something to do so it wasn’t bad at all. As I cut the last piece of yarn in completion of my little scissor holder project I was told the car was ready.
God’s timing-Amazing!


The repair cost a small fortune and will take a while to pay off but I am thankful to have my car running well once again. Thankful it wasn’t a complicated issue. Thankful it was able to be fixed. Thankful it didn’t cost more. Thankful it was repaired in just one day. Thankful for Gods provision and care.

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