Church Banner Research

Good Monday Morning everyone. 


My pastor has asked that I create a custom church banner.  He  designed the banner and the design is really attractive! Done correctly the banner will be very striking.  The more I learn though, the more I realize what a massive undertaking this is.


I am especially concerned regarding the embroidery work needed for the lettering and design.   I don’t have an embroidery machine so I will have to do it by hand.  I fear that will cause the overall look to less impressive and while I like the handmade look for some things, it will not be appropriate for this church banner.  I know that having embroidered patches done then sewing the patches onto the banner would work and look nice but I’m sure the expense would be quite large.  Another thought is doing the letters and design using my domestic machine and a thread painting technique.  I’ll do some sample work to see if this is possible. 


With all the above and much more preliminary work that has to be done on my mind I’d better get off this computer and get “bizzy”!




Have a wonderful day everyone.







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