est. December 24th 1972

December 24th 1972
Tom and I celebrated our first Christmas Eve as a married couple, We had very little money so instead of exchanging gifts we bought a few things for a special picnic under our little 2 foot Christmas tree. Salami, smoked cheese, crackers & olives were served on special plates on top of a warm fuzzy blanket. With the lights twinkling and soft Christmas music playing in the background we talked, laughed and enjoyed our time together. It was the first of what would become an annual picnic under the Christmas tree event for just the 2 of us. After our sons were born we were so busy that there were times that we didn’t get to our private picnic until the soft glow of Christmas morning light began to show but we never missed having that special time together.
Since his death the picnic has become Christmas Eve event for me and my sons. I enjoy each bite the 3 of us share while remembering the many Christmas eve picnics Tom and I shared together before his death. I am grateful for each & every magical moment we had under the twinkling lights. Today I am grateful for the special picnic time I get to spend with my sons.
Thank you Lord for the precious memories of a love that still echoes through time. I am so blessed.

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