New Doodle

When house bound due to poor air quality I try to stay bizzy.  I need to stay close to my air purifier so many times after I’ve done lots of other things (I’m never bored) I grab an ordinary pencil, a blank  piece of  paper and just doodle.  It helps relax me, it isn’t hard on my hand and it doesn’t take any thought or effort so I can pray while I’m doodling. 


Here’s a picture of the one I doodled today.   There’s many more posted on my art page. Just click ~~~~>  HERE.  



I’ve been working on a new crocheted blanket but have to take many breaks or the  tendonitis in my left wrist and thumb will act up and I won’t be able to crochet at all. Since I have  rested them for a while  I’ll work on it for a short while before bedtime.  





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