Orders Completed recently

A crocheted Opossum bag holder, neck scarf and toy. All complete and shipped off to their new home. They are supposed to arrive tomorrow. My first time to ever make (crocheted or otherwise) a opossum for anyone.

bag holder face
the body is left unstuffed….. hollow to hold trash bags
Opossum neck scarf
Opossum toy I made to add to the order because I had left over yarn that the client had purchased.

Order #2

This little gift set was ordered for a new precious baby.

Newborn butterfly gift set

This pink dress set will be shipped out soon. But since someone is now a big brother for the very first time I’m going to crochet a small dinosaur (or two) to tuck into the package. After all a new big brother needs something too. 🙂

Order #3

This little dress was finished just moments ago. I like the bright colors. I may have some yellow booties already made. If so, I’ll add them to the package as a gift.

Okay that’s enough for tonight. It’s after 1 A.M. and I have work in the morning so I need to attempt to get some sleep.

Sweet dreams everyone……………

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