A new poem…

rhonda embs   9/21/2022


The stench of this world grows stronger with closed eyes

The sounds of hell heightens as the damned cry

the darkness grows darker within my dreams

and waking  reality is not what it seems

Behind the vale all things are revealed

while on the surface the truth, it is sealed

Lives move on as people blindly play

never knowing that they are the prey

Old world deceptions remain & change not

lies stay bold sealing truth that’s unsought

Evil walks openly shore to shore

sin reigns strong as never before

Hell burns hot and continues to grow

my nightmares the terror vividly show

I see the deceived and hear their souls scream

in  my dark visions their  horror remain.

With my eyes closed the hideous and dark

walk in deep shadows leaving their mark.

Black scars of evil get etched on ones soul

& you reap what you sow is the truth I am told






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