No one knows so be kind

Unless you’ve been extremely active and always acted as a Martha in the past you can never understand how being unable to continue affects you.  When a persons  health changes and they become unable to do even half of what once was average for them they are  left feeling scared, defeated and depressed. That person needs your love, support and patience even if you don’t understand.  They are carrying the heavy load of not only bad health issues,  isolation issues but also guilt issues for not being able to do for others the way that they are used to doing. Such drastic changes are like a death.  They lose a hugh part of themselves and grief sets in.  They grieve the loss of who they once were.


Looking from the outside people have the tendency to assume said person no longer wants to take part. That they no longer care about the things they used to care about. People can not always see the illness or know how badly the person is being affected so they judge harshly and make assumptions that are not accurate then distance themselves from the person that is already struggling..


Don’t be one of those people instead– continue to love that person.  Continue to be the friend you were when they could do for you, pray for them, let them know you are thinking about them and be kind……… just be kind. 




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