Concerned for a Friend

I have been blessed with many friends.  Some are long time friends going back to my childhood and some I’ve just met and am enjoying the process of getting to know them better.  Each one is precious to me.


Recently, a friend from years ago was having a difficult time due to depression. They made it known through social media that they were feeling lonely and unloved going into Thanksgiving so I contacted them. Sadly, their depression, loneliness and what ever else they may be going though  caused them to react to everything I tried to say during the call with anger, sarcasm and bitterness.  Their words were very mean and hurtful.   I didn’t then and still don’t understand.  


Life can be difficult at times. I am guilty of not showing the love of Christ many times.    Sadly I have snapped at people and said things I shouldn’t have when my life wasn’t going well so I know how it can happen. We are all human.  I understand and I forgive.  


The Lord knows who they are and knows exactly what they need at this time in their life.  I am concerned.  Please join me in praying for them.  





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