Memory items are not just created using clothing of a loved one that has passed.  While that is the most common reason that memory items are requested I  also make memory items out of baby clothing or baby receiving blankets for people that don’t want to give, throw or simply  pack away their little ones out grown clothing or receiving blankets.


The following are just a few ideas of what can be made:


1.  Memory Animals:     The most common animal asked for is the   bear with bunnies being the next most popular.  I can make many other animals though- kittens, dogs,  platypus, monkeys,  etc.


2.   Dolls:     The doll bodies are made using quality muslin fabric. I use your loved ones clothing items for the dolls clothing and accessories for the dolls.


3.     Pillows:  Also popular are pillows in all shapes and sizes made from the provided clothing item.


4.     Quilts:  Lap quilts are the most popular size requested.




BUT     ———>      What if you would like a memory item created but you only have something small  and you don’t think it will be enough for me to work with.   Contact me, I’m sure we can come up with something you’ll be happy with because even a tiny bit of fabric can be used to applique a heart on a pillow, dolly, etc.



snall memory heart pillow

memory bear alone

Memory tote bag




Please Note:

If you want an memory item created –before  you send the clothing you want used it has to be laundered using UNSCENTED laundry soap and NO fabric softener. It has to be scent and smoke free for me to use it to make your item for two reasons: 1.  I can have severe reactions to fragrances and / or smoke so I can not work with the fabric you provide unless it is clear of smells.  2.  I sew for others so even if I didn’t have the sensitivity to fragrances myself I can not have any smells around my work area that may affect another clients purchase.





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