May-mental health awareness month

OCD, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, (etc) are ” PHYSICAL / MEDICAL conditions” and just like diabetes, cancer, heart failure (etc) they can not be cured by thinking them away. You wouldn’t tell a person with heart failure to think happy thoughts and they’ll get over it. You wouldn’t tell a person with cancer that they are being weak and just allowing the cancer to get the best of them so they should stop all treatment and get over it. You don’t tell people with diabetes that if they were stronger they wouldn’t need their insulin so throw it away and get over it. Why then, is it so common for people to do and say those things when a person has a mental illness?   
Pray for them! Be kind and though it may be difficult at times, to the best of your ability be caring, compassionate and supportive as you would toward any person suffering with any other illness. Strive to treat them the way you would want to be treated if you were ill and struggling every day to live the best life possible.
And as with any other health issue the family, loved ones and especially the care givers need your support also. It can be overwhelming caring for those that are sick and suffering. Include them in your prayers.
r. embs

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