Randy-45 today

Long Beach, CA.- – 45 years ago today:Tom and I were alone in our little house enjoying the long weekend together when my labor started..Even today, I can close my eyes and hear Toms voice telling me how beautiful I am as he reached out to touch my very large stomach. I can feel his touch on the outside of my stomach as Randy kicks on the inside at the sound of his daddy’s voice.After less than 1 hour labor Randy was born. I remember the tears of joy and awe that I wept as I held my first born child. All was perfect and right with the world as our precious child lay in my arms with both of us encircled in the strong loving arms of his daddy, the love of my life. We had waited so long for this very moment.45 years………….45 long years ago……and yet it seems like just yesterday.Randy was our first born. 18 months later we were richly blessed with our second amazing miracle. Jeremiah, a tiny bundle of love …our 2nd and last child. Thank you Lord for these two priceless gifts and the gift of a loving husband that loved and sacrificed himself for us all.

the centurion sayng “Truly this man was the Son of God” -artist Randell Embs

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