Scorpions-Lots of them

I dream a lot. Mostly nightmares but my dreams are normally very logical and make some sense even if they are nightmares. 


The dream I had right before I woke up this morning was not a normal type of dream for me. It was relatively mild and  boring with  me doing  random activities. I was  walking around the house doing normal things with nothing special happening….then I saw a scorpion on the floor right next to me. I moved back and then saw another so I moved away from it.  Then as I scanned the floor more carefully I saw that there were lots of clear, almost see through scorpions everywhere.  They covered the entire floor in that one room but, because of their lack of color, were very difficult to see. 


Right after the scorpions appeared,  while I was in another room trying to figure out how to get rid of the scorpions  I glanced out a window because it was raining extremely hard outside.  While looking out the window I  noticed that the window had a v shape at the top center of the glass and rain water was streaming in through the V area.  It wasn’t cut or broken but looked like the glass had melted in that area leaving the v shape. As I looked at it, wondering how that could have possibly happened, the window separated from the window frame and  in one solid piece it fell onto the ground outside unbroken. I looked at for a moment wondering why the glass didn’t break then realized that rain was pouring into the house. I knew that the window needed to be covered but I turned and walked away thinking I can’t worry about that now I have to deal with the scorpions. The water can be cleaned up later but the scorpions are much more dangerous and need to be taken care of now though I had no idea how!  


I woke up trying to figure out how to deal with the scorpions…………..ODD DREAM!


This was such an odd and different type of dream for me.  Just odd! 



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