Worth Repeating

To use digital writing exclusively is a great mishandling of history and precious memories.

Our recorded history would be extremely meager if, down through the ages, everything in the past had been sent out using email, texts and social media sites.  Those records would be questionable, because  placed in the right hands,  digital writings and documents can be manipulated and changed to conform to the ideology of those doing the editing or even entirely wiped away as if they never  existed.


I think of all the handwritten letters, cards and journals that have provided us with personal accounts of life during the time in which they were penned compared to today’s texts, tweets and posts. Today, condensed and abridged messages are speedily written using acronyms and abbreviations only to be deleted or forgotten while quickly moving on to the next activity. How  much more informative and expressive are complete thoughts written with introspection and careful calculation when the author slows down and takes deliberate time to hand write their ideas or emotions.


When handwritten, we get to see more than numbers, letters or cute icons on a screen.  We are drawn in by the look and feel of the writing on the page providing us a better understanding of what the author is attempting to convey. Words written using darkened, deep and large strokes express more than  those same words can alone express without  the physical changes made to the script.  Words, smudged by tears that fell while being written, touch a heart quicker than those same words had the weeping not been made apparent by the smudges. When art work is  added even more understanding takes place. It is as if a curtain is drawn back, allowing us to peek  further into the mind of the writer.


I am reminded of the term, “Put your John Hancock here” that would never have been coined and how future generations would have missed out on the beauty of the differing signatures of the those that boldly signed the  U.S. Constitution and  the Declaration of Independence had the documents been electronically signed.   I think  of how changes can sweep across a nation because  of heroic words written on paper. How people read about the courage of someone else and those words inspire them to move forward, not give up and to be all they can be.   I think of a person that  holds tightly to a note, letter or card given to them from a loved one  after their loved one is gone.  Tangible proof that they indeed were loved.  In awe,  I think of Mount Sinai and the stone tablets given to Moses that were written by the finger of God.


Remember, history is being made today. Treat it as the treasure it is. Grab some paper, pick up a pen or pencil, and record even the simplest things that are  happening all around you.       Take special care and time to hand write a few words of love, encouragement, wisdom or gratitude to those that God has placed in your life. Those thoughts and  words are a priceless account of your love and life, so share them often, openly and honestly.  Forgive quickly, love deeply and write often with  passion.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Rhonda Embs





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