And another 2 new poems



In the dark of night when all is still  

chants of old begin

In dreams I hear the silence filled

with spells that warp and spin


I know my Lord cleansed and forgave

the sin I reveled in

I know his mercy and that I’m saved

yet nightmares pull me in


Memories from deep within my mind

come forth again unearthed

sights, smells, and sounds combine

in wicked scenes so cursed


Scenes vivid, raw and very real

appear before my eyes

They then demand that I daily still

believe the age old lies


Fear soon jolts me full awake

and to him out loud I cry

Lord have mercy for thy sake

silence all their lies


I’m your child, I belong to you

not what I used to be

I’m born again, cleansed brand new

Redeemed & now set free.






Night screams make way into my day

to follow me around

I can’t concentrate for the noise that they make

pulsating all over town

oft I warn  but received naught but scorn

as his words fall on thorny ground

Now I simply pray as I make my way

while night screams loudly resound

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