Been Bizzy Sewing Today

Today I’ve been working on orders. 

Pin, cut, sew repeat.  Pin, cut, sew repeat.  Pin, cut, sew repeat.


Being bizzy makes me sew happy and I am very thankful for each and every order.  








Before I close I  want to repeat what I’ve already said in the past regarding these masks.  I make them for wearing on dusty days and when the pollen levels are up.  I make no claim that they will protect you from any virus, germ or illness.  Simple and normal advise to follow now is the same as what we’ve all been told during every flu and cold season – wash your hands often and keep them away from your mouth, eyes and nose. 


Also, I’ve heard that facemasks are difficult to find right now and how the cost for them has risen way above normal.  So sad.   My fees are the same as they have always been for these masks and will remain so unless my cost to make them goes up. 


Have a blessed night everyone and sweet dreams to all.







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  1. Carolyn Powell says:

    Ok. Thanks

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