A few more face mask done

I finished a few more mask yesterday.  Gratefully I have orders for more. What a blessing!  A huge THANK YOU to  everyone that has placed an order.  





The inside of masks made using unbleached muslin.

Each mask is made using 100% cotton fabric for the outside, unbleached muslin on the inside and a thin batting on the inside. Children sized masks do not have the batting layer as it makes it too difficult for them to breath easily.   Unless you ask for a specific size all masks are made using overall standard mask sizes and standard length for the elastic ear loops.  If you have any questions please contact me at 702-281-4854



 masks $7.00 each

Shipping is not included in the prices listed above. The shipping costs will be calculated according to number of masks ordered and will be added to the overall price. Payment accepted through paypal




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  1. Bonnie Frye says:

    Would like to order a mask for my husband who is a mechanic and refuses to wear anything that is not “manly” hes is a biker and wears bandanas over his face when he rides his motorcycle. Do you have bandana prints or skull prints? He would need at least 2 masks.

    I would like pink teal purple (girly) bandana print also need 2

    I live in Arizona and was referred to you by Juli Perez-Gross.

    My name is Bonnie 602-642-9638 bfrye1980@gmail.com
    3897 E Douglas Loop Gilbert AZ. 85234

    • admin says:

      Bonnie, I do have a bandana print and maybe some skulls (I have to check). I don’t think I have a pink/teal/purplebandana print but I do have a lot of those colors. I will contact you tomorrow (4/5/2020) to go over your order and explain the billing.
      I look forward to getting you something you will really like.
      Rhonda Embs

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