Dust Masks for sale -nothing new

I have been making facemasks for  years now and have sold a few off and on but not enough to really keep extras on hand. Usually I just make them for me. I wear them many places and almost always wear a facemask when grocery shopping due to my lung issues but I don’t usually get much attention because of them.  Today though it seemed every 3rd person I saw in the store wanted to know where I got mine.  Once they found out I make them they wanted a business card.  Odd how things change. 



I’m not really sure how good they are in keeping out a “virus” so there’s no guarantee for that but I do know that, for me,  they help  filter out dust and pollen somewhat.   Anyway, since there’s so much interest I will make a few extra and have them on hand.  If you’re interested please contact me @ 702-281-4854



 masks $7.00 each


Shipping is not included in the prices listed above. The shipping costs will be calculated according to number of masks ordered and will be added to the overall price.  Payment accepted  through paypal 










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