Walnut Sewing Class

I really enjoy my sewing class at the Walnut Recreation Center. They are a GREAT group-kind, helpful, fun and a blessing in every way.  I have a couple of students that have been there for a year, signing up for session after session.



Thank you for coming back over and over and sharing so many of your Saturday afternoons  and being  a huge  part of the class! 


As of today I have 2 new students.

TO YOU…………

  “Welcome, welcome, WELCOME.  I’m so glad you decided to join the class.”


It was a bit hectic because I do have the students that have been there for a year and the  beginners in the same class but when this happens no one ever complains. My more experienced students always willingly jump in and help the others.  They share knowledge and even supplies when someone is needing something for their project. In the past it’s been thread, scissors, pins, their sewing machine and even fabric. Today a pattern was shared so the new student could start on a skirt with the rest of the class. Thank you! I’m so grateful to be a part of this special group.


If you’ve never taken a sewing class and want to learn how to sew,

if you already know how to sew but want to improve your skills,

or if you’d just like to make some new friends while you work on your latest sewing project…………



we’d all  love to have you!

THANK YOU  again Walnut students for your wonderful attitudes.

Here’s a BIG HUG for each one of you!


Oh and BTW………….here are pictures of 2 quilts that were made last session. One quilt is pretty much finished. She still needs to hand tie it together.  The other one needs the outside border then it will be ready to be tied or quilted.  (there is now a separate class just for quilting-let me know if you are interested)


This quilt was made using the scraps from the other sewing projects we’ve done in the class. See, it really pays to save those scraps!!!  🙂




This is the back side of the above quilt.  0618161209


This quilt was made by a young lady that LOVES batman……..can you tell? We’ll get pictures of it once the yellow border and back is added. 🙂


GREAT JOB Ladies!!!!!!

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