Another option – your local recreation center!

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Yesterday I told my sewing/quilting class that next week we will be making a zippered pouch as the class project. This morning I rec’d an advertisement email from a local quilt shop  about the classes they offer. They have a one time 4 hour class to make a zippered pouch. The cost is $25. Those taking the class are required to purchase the $13.75 pattern from them  and all the fabric you use must  be purchased at their quilt shop. That same quilting shop also has a beginning quilting class -7 classes for $95, an instruction book for $15 that you are required to buy when you take their class and all the fabric you use must be purchased from them.


While I do strongly believe we should all support local businesses I know many, especially seniors, cannot afford those prices. So, if  you are 55 years or older there is another option. Come join the Neighborhood Recreation Center in North Las Vegas for $3.00 a year.  Once you join the sewing & quilting classes are FREE. We meet twice a week for 2  1/2 hours each class. While you are in class we have sewing machines,  scissors, pins, rotary cutters, self healing mats, rulers,  iron, ironing board and many other supplies available for your use.


If you can’t make the morning classes at the recreation center or if you are not a senior the center has a sign up sheet for Tuesday early evening beginning sewing or quilting classes. They charge only $24. for six  2 hour classes, there’s no instruction book to buy and you  can buy the  fabric you plan to use from anywhere that you choose.  New classes start when there are 5 or more people interested so call and have your name put on the waiting list if you’d like to take part in future classes. 


No matter where you end up sewing…….





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